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Marc'Antonio Bentegodi Verona stadium
Piazzale Olimpia, Verona
Total capacity: 42.160 Places
Like catching up it
Distance from city centre:
1,5 Km.

The Offices
Via Galvani 3
37138 Verona
Phone 045 57 57 79 - 045 57 57 89
Fax 045 56 22 98

Chairman:Luca Campedelli
Vice-Chairman:Fabio Ottolini
Sports Director:Giovanni Sartori
Team Manager:Marco Pacione
General Secretary:Michele Sebastiani
Honorary Secretary:Giancarlo Fiumi
Head Scout:Fausto Vinti
Technical Area:Lorenzo Balestro
Commercial and Marketing Director:Enzo Zanin
Area Commerciale:Simone Fiorini - Daniele Partelli
Press Officer:Vera Tomelleri, Federica Menegazzi
Fans relationship:Alberto L'Episcopo
Travel Manager:Patrizio Binazzi
Administration:Elisabetta Lenotti - Federica Oliboni - Maria Prearo
Secretary:Giulia Maragni

History :
The Club is founded in 1929 (month and day unknown) by sportsmen from the tiny Verona suburb. The first couple of years is dedicated to friendlies only, under the name OND Chievo. The first field includes a line of trees in the middle!
The first official match occurs the 8th November 1931. Shirts are vertically divided, blue and white, white shorts. The opponents, Domegliara, wear red and black. Chievo win 1-0, but the match has to be replayed for a complaint, and Chievo lose the replay 2-1. This first Championship (6 games) sees Chievo third out of four with three points.
Chievo win the Province title, and against cash difficulties the Club reaches the Veneto championship final, lost 1-2 to the black wearing Fiera Treviso.Umberto Busani (in his career cappet three times in the B national team) is the outstanding player.
Deceiving season, but with the record home win (13-1 to Liberi Audace), Carrara scoring six.
Another mediocre season: Province champions but only runners-up in the Region final.
Economic difficulties force the Club out of play. They will be back after WW II.
Year of refoundation, entering the Federation 2nd division. The new ground is opened 8 November 1948. Available money only allows for red and blue shirts.
Up and down season. Strange things happen: the home match v Bardolino is interrupted with Chievo 7-1 up because the other team leave the field tired of conceding goals.
Great season for a team entirely composed of Chievo born players. Back to blu and white, they win Province and Region 2nd division titles.
1st division is another rgame. The white and blues end last (no relegation in the rules). First appearance of Bruno Vantini, who will score 159 goals in his 20 year spell with the Club.
The Club should be relegated, ending third from the bottom, but penalty points subtracted to Bovolone and Arcè Pescantina save them.
In its 3rd year in 1st division, a good result: sixth in the league.
A first in its history: Chievo sell a player (Raffaello Biondani) to a bigger team for 800,000 Lire.
Last season in white and blue. The board adopt the yellow and blue from the city of Verona colours.
Good season, fourth in the league.
The 3rd November 1957 sees the opening of the new ''Carlantonio Bottagisio'' stadium, strongly supported by the parish priest Don Silvio Venturi. The Club will play here up to 1986, when promotion to C2 is achieved. The offices are moved to Bar ''Pantalona''.
The first away match is won by a goal scored while the referee blows the final whistle. The complaint of Lugagnano is rejected.
Champinships are restructured, with Categories in place of Divisions. Chievo enter 2nd Category and win the league beating S. Martino in a play off. The firm Cardi is the sponsor, and the name changes to Cardi Chievo, which will stay until the year of promotion to Serie D (1974-75).
First season in 1st Category, save without problems.
Save from relegation at the last day only!
First time since its foundation, the Club is relegated.
Striker Masotto sold to Casale for 1 million Lire (Club record). Goalkeeper Panato retires after ten years in goal.
Ragionier Luigi Campedelli becomes Chairman. The Club wins the 2nd category league after a long struggle with traditional rivals Parona.
The new Chairman is Umberto Bottacini, who will chair four years. The team is saved with ease.
The famous flood of 4th November 1966 affects the field for most of the season, and the Club goes back to 2nd category. This season there is the possibility to substitute the goalkeeper.
Chievo win the league after a play off with Ambrosiana, and Bruno vantini is the best scorer with 19 goals.
Lack of money prevents the Club to enter 1st Category, they enter the 2nd and win again.
They finish 8th, and can enter the Promozione league.
Very good 9th olace in their first Promozione league.
First season tickets available (cost 10,000 Lire). Bruno Vantini retires after 20 years.
Good 11th place.
After 15 years, Silvano Danese, long time captain, retires. In November coach Nicola Ciccolo joins the team. 'Don Nicola' is a former Serie A player with Inter Milan, among others.
Great season! Quarter finalists in Coppa Italia and promoted in serie D after a long duel with Contarina.
Chairman Iorio resigns and sponsor Cardi quits. Notwithstanding money troiubles, the team 1975/76 ends 10th.
Giuseppe Campedelli is elected Chairman. With the support of coach De Angelis the youth section is refounded and strengthened. The team ,with many young players, escapes relegation.
Carlo Avesani, the best product of youth team, retires after ten years, having been from 2nd Category to Serie D.
Nicola Ciccolo leaves, and the Chairman charges Carlo De Angelis, formerly in charge of youths. Many players are sold, but the team behaves satisfactorily.
After a bad start, De angelis is sacked, substitute Angelo Barbi does not get results, so de Angelis is called back and relegation is avoided just in the end.
Dario Baruffi is the new coach, and will stay four years. Leagues are restructured, and the season has no relegations,so Chievo can launch new young players .
Semi-professional football disappears, the Club may change name and becomes Paluani Chievo. Chairman is Fernando Righetti, former player and director since 1948. The team avoids relegation at the last day only.
No new players, man y young ones. A comfortable season.
Enters Saverio Garonzi, as Vice Chairman, formerly Chairman of Hellas Verona for 14 years. The 'Commendatore', 73 years old, makes a perfect pair with Luigi Campedelli, owner of Paluani. With two argentinian players the season ends at middle of the table.
Garonzi calls Giancarlo Fiumi, former Hellas Verona General secretary, man of great competence and experience. Again a middle of the table season.
A complete change of players (under coach Carlo de Angelis), the most notable ones Balestro and Zanin. Saverio Garonzi dies tragically 18 May 1986, but the team go to play off with Bassano. They lose on a penalty shoot out in Brescia, but Bassano is condemned for bribing, and the Club is promoted to serie C2. The Under 18 win the Italian championship with coach Fausto Nosè.
Garonzi nephews, Bruno (Chairman) and Franco, inherit the Club. As a director joins Carlantonio Guglielmi. After 29 years, home ganmes move from Bottagisio to Verona stadium, Bentegodi.
De Angelis resigns, and new coach Pier Luigi Busatta hires Folli and Curti. Very good season until near the end, but no promotion.
Under new coach Gianni Bui, with new players Moretto and D�Angelo, a magnificent promotion is achieved.
Coach Gianni Bui strengthens the team, and the Coppa Italia semifinal is reached (But Lucchese win). The peak is an outstanding win 4-0 v Vicenza.
Luigi campedelli becomes Chairman. His first move is to call the Club ChievoVerona. Some players retire: captain Paolo Galli, Giovanni Sartori (who becomes assistano coach) and Gigi Perlina. Even if the team is strengthened, relegation is avoided only the last day.
De Angelis is the coach again. The season ends with Chievo 7th and winners of Coppa Disciplina (most correct team). Striker Riccardo Gori is best scorer in A group, Serie C1, with 13 goals.
Team pratically unchanged. Chairman Luigi campedelli dies by a heart attack the 15th September 1992.His elder son, Luca, takes his place. The final place is 7th.
Luca Campedelli, the youngest Chairmen in Italy, appoints Giovanni Sartori as Sports Director and Alberto Malesani as coach. The season (the first with 3 points for a win) has English style play offs. After a fantastic series (peak is win v Bologna in front of 13,000 ). The last match is in Carrara the 29 May, where Chievo pass from 1-0 down to 2-1 up and gain promotion to serie B.
Reinforced by many players, among which D�Anna and Zironelli, the team meet Juventus in a two leg Coppa Italia turn, draws 0-0 at home and lose 3-1 away. Relegation is avoided the penultimate day. First Verona derby ,12 December 1994, ends 1-1 in front of 30,000. Return match sees ChievoVerona win 3-1. Goalkeeper Zanin, strikers Gori and Curti leave the Club.
Young players Carparelli, Grabbi and Melis join the Club. Lazio win on penalty shoot out in Coppa Italia , while relegation is avoided only the last day.
Cerbone ,Lanna, Marazzina and Fiore join the team. The season is brilliant, promotion to serie a seems possible, but the final place is 6th.
New coach Silvio Baldini leads the team again near promotion.
Baldini (to Brescia) is substituted by Mimmo Caso, but poor results induce the board to call Lorenzo Balestro and Luciano Miani. A comfortable 11th place closes the season.
The duo Balestro-Miani lead the team to 15th position, which means staying up.
Enter Luigi Del Neri, and the team, after a very brilliant season, obtains the historical promotion to Serie A, 2nd in the table with piacenza. Mathematical promotion is achieved 3 June 2001, beating Salernitana 2-0 in a full and exultant Bentegodi.
ChievoVerona becomes the football fairytale. Everybody talks about the fantastic result of this tiny quarter team. They play with no fear in front of the big Clubs. Tvs, radios and newspapers from all over the world send their journalists. And the initial surprise becomes an enduring reality: a fresh and attacking playing style who often pays, even though some negative results are clearly undeserved. It is the first season with a serie A Verona derby (lost the first undeservedly, won the second). Del Neri's team end 5th with 54 points after Juventus, Roma, Inter and Milan, conquering the access to Uefa Cup competition and just missing Champions League partecipations.
After the first, extraordinary season in serie A, ChievoVerona win a difficult challenge: they confirm to be one of the first teams in the Italian Championship. They are 7th in the final table and miss the qualification to Uefa Cup just losing the last unlucky match v Juventus. Anyway, it is another great season: that is confirmed by the 55 final points, one more in comparison with last year, and by the call of Perrotta and Legrottaglie in the National Team. Though the loss of important players such as Corradi, Manfredini and Marazzina and the arrival of new ones, ChievoVerona play in the same way: they're brave, always resolute to impose their game and to win. They conquer fans and supporters all over the world and attract the attention of national and international media, which follow their exploits with interesting and admiration. But nobody speaks more about "fairy-tale", as ChievoVerona has proved to be a reality: one of the most beautiful of Italian football.
ChievoVerona celebrate 2nd May 2004 their first 100 games in serie A. Giancarlo Fiumi, General Secretary for 20 years, retires and leaves his place to Corrado Di Taranto. Another historical "goodbye" is the one by "Icio" D'Angelo who - after 13 seasons and more then 300 matches with ChievoVerona - stops playing and enters the technical staff. With 44 points ChievoVerona ends 9th in the table, saying goodbye to coach Del Neri who leaves his place to Mario Beretta. Barzagli and Sculli win the European Championship with Under 21 National Team.
After 6 matches of their 4th season in serie A, with the new coach Mario Beretta, ChievoVerona are 3rd in the table after Juventus and Milan. Two of the best games are the first of the season, at Bentegodi vs Inter (2-2) and the win 1-0 vs Lazio at Olimpico. Other very good performances are the ones vs Juventus and Milan, even though Chievo lose. At the beginning of the 2nd part of the season, because of a series of injuries, ChievoVerona are in a difficult position in the table. After losing vs Fiorentina at Bentegodi they are 3rd from the bottom, so the Club decides to sack Mario Beretta and to entrust the team to the Assistant Coach Maurizio D'Angelo, who played for 13 seasons with ChievoVerona. Defeating Siena and Bologna, Chievo conquer important points to get safe in serie A. The last match is played at Olimpico vs Roma: the final draw means staying up in serie A and Chievo can celebrate together with over 500 supporters coming from Verona.
Led by coach Giuseppe Pillon, ChievoVerona face their 5th consecutive season in serie A, with three new main sponsors such us Cattolica Assicurazioni, Gruppo Ferroli and Banco Popolare di Verona e Novara, who for the 1st time replace Paluani on Chievo�s jerseys. It�s a great season: the team gets 13 wins, 'frightening' the big Clubs � they defeat Milan and draw vs Juve � and remaining in the first 7 places of the table all the season long. After getting safe in serie A 11 matchdays in advance, Chievo try to obtain another target: the qualification in Uefa Cup. Target which they reach � for the 2nd time in the history of the Club after the 1st year in serie A with coach Del Neri � just 90 minutes before the end of the season, thanks to the draw away at Lecce. Another satisfaction for the Club comes from the National Team: Sammarco, Scurto and Mantovani are called for the final tournament of Under 21 European Championship, while Semioli gets a place as 7th midfielder of the National Team which is about to play the World Championship in Germany. A wonderful season, another great joy for the supporters: for them, Chievo made another dream come true.
The 2006 / 07 season is the sixth consecutive season for ChievoVerona in the highest series.Having qualified for the UEFA Cup, the Club finds itself, after the �calciopoli� penalties of Juventus, Milan, Lazio and Fiorentina, able to compete straight for a place in Champions League, a wide eyed dream for ChievoVerona supporters. But the yellow blue Club coached by Mister Pillon loses the chance to enter the round robin stage because of the elimination suffered after the preliminary 2 leg matches v Bulgaria�s Levski Sofia. Very bitter also the double match v the Portuguese Sporting Braga in the first UEFA Cup round, since the elimination comes only after extra time!It is now time for the Italian championship, and the beginning is dramatic: five defeats and one draw in the first six matches mean the sacking of Mister Pillon, a very hurting decision for the Club, considering the very good results obtained by the coach from Treviso the previous season.As a substitute Luigi Del Neri, �historical� ChievoVerona coach, the one who led the Club to Serie A for the first time, is back.But a long series of injuries of important players and many defeats decided in the last parts of matches indicate that this is not a lucky season.The central part of the season is marked by ups and downs, and the results are often not up to the team good performances, and the players, even after a series of wins in the last period, find themselves to to play for stay up in the very last match of the season.The last chance is v Catania, on Bologna neutral ground, a real challenge between two clubs fighting to stay in Serie A.A draw would be enough for ChievoVerona, but the final result says 2 � 0 for Catania, nothwithstanding more than 3,000 yellow blue supporters present there.So ChievoVerona, after six unforgettable seasons in Serie A, is back to Serie B.Bitterness is great, but the hope is that this is only a see you soon...

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